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Why qplum?

Robo Advisorqplum robo advisor

AI-Powered Robo-Advisor

  • Investing and trading is completely automated
  • Active trading instead of passive index following
  • We invest in strategies, not products
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Investing & Execution Algorithms

  • All investment decisions come from algorithms
  • Better execution prices result in negative trading costs
  • Bringing high frequency trading algorithms to retail clients
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Invest with Data & Machine Learning

  • Diversified set of data-driven strategies
  • Dynamic asset allocation
  • Static risk management
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Steady Relationship

  • Intraday portfolio updates
  • Financial advice for all your life events
  • Real time customer support
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Your Account Stays With Your Broker

Now you can access our data-driven, machine learning trading strategies in your existing account. No need to transfer account to another broker - Your account stays where it is! We fully manage your account and you only pay a flat fee of 0.50% of your Assets Under Management per annum. No hidden costs. We promise!

No Account Transfer feeNo Hidden CostsFlat Fees

The Power of Investment Strategies

Active Trading & Alpha

Most automatic investment platforms and Robo-advisors stick to passively managed buy-and-hold "Beta" strategies which follow an index like the S&P500. qplum trades actively and aims to generate "Alpha" or market-independent returns.

Risk Management

Our portfolios come with in-built risk managers. They de-allocate capital in stages when markets go down, protecting you from crashes. This is completely automated, leaving no room for human error.

Tax Savings

We use tax loss harvesting to minimize capital gain taxes on your portfolio. This can save as much as 47% tax compared to the conventional FIFO.


We use execution algorithms and High-Frequency Trading techniques. This means we buy lower and sell higher, compared to a market or limit orders. This leads to savings in the long-term, and sometimes savings can exceed our management fees.

AI-Driven Investment Plans

Give your trading account the power of data-science, machine learning, and investment algorithms.

Investment Algo Machine LearningData Science

*Currently available only to the residents of the United States.