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Our story

Qplum was founded in 2014 in an attempt to make finance fair and more scientific. 

We are an A.I. driven wealth management firm that uses deep learning to build, monitor, and optimize portfolios for our clients. Together, we are driving change by empowering people to achieve financial freedom.

Life at Qplum

The team that powers Qplum is a group of bright, young, dynamic individuals who bring their passion and skills to make investing a science. We are data scientists, quants, portfolio managers, investment experts, and user experience specialists who like to keep things exciting and have fun tackling new challenges daily.

At Qplum, we believe in a flat organization with an open team culture. We love what we do because we make sure everyone has fun doing it.


Our Values

We embody our values.

Thorough: Be thorough with what the team does. Don’t just be a cog in a big machine. Be the engine that drives us forward. 
Efficient: Champion the cause of building efficiency using new technologies and processes. 
Transparent: Be open with communication. Leave no room for politics and corporate guff.

Open Roles

Build Products. Make Friends. Create Memories.

1. Marketing Manager, New Jersey, U.S.
2. Administrative Assistant, New Jersey, U.S.
3. Front-end Engineer, Bangalore, India.
4. Back-end Engineer, Bangalore, India.


We're hiring! If what we do excites you, send your resume to