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Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly does qplum do?

qplum provides financial advice. We invest your money automatically in a portfolio using data and algorithms. The algorithms decide what and when to buy and sell, without any human intervention.

We do not pick stocks. We invest in strategies, like big banks and hedge funds do. We offer active management, instead of passive portfolios which follow the market. We offer alpha, risk management, and algorithmic execution, which most digital advisors do not.


Am I being charged for all the trading that is happening daily in my account?

No. qplum charges what is known as a "wrap fee". This means you pay a small percentage on the total amount of money you invest with us, instead of paying per trade. Structuring our fees this way gives us the flexibility to manage your account the way we think makes most sense without you having to worry about per trade fees racking up. Please see our Form ADV Part 2 document for more details.


Is my money safe?

The funds and any positions that you see in the brokerage are physically under your name. Our operating capital is separate from our clients’ funds. Each client’s funds and securities are held separately under the client’s name. View More


Can I transfer an outside portfolio like an IRA or 401(k) into qplum?

Yes! We can transfer your investments from your existing portfolio to a brand new qplum account through paperless ACATs transfers.

Our returns after fees and expenses

We believe that high returns is not about high risk. On the contrary, to have peace of mind, one needs high returns. We are a machine learning first shop. Every aspect of our trading from feature learning to execution is fully based on machine learning. It shows in our stellar performance.

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Why qplum?

Robo Advisorqplum robo advisor

Next Gen Robo-Advisor

  • Investing and trading is completely automated
  • Active trading instead of passive index following
  • We invest in strategies, not products
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Investing & Execution Algorithms

  • All investment decisions come for algorithms
  • Better execution prices results in negative trading costs
  • Bringing high frequency trading algorithms to retail clients
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Invest with Data & Machine Learning

  • Diversified set of data-driven strategies
  • Dynamic asset allocation
  • Static risk management
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Steady Relationship

  • Intraday portfolio updates
  • Financial advice for all your life events
  • Real time customer support
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Become an Empowered Investor

qplum gives you personalized advice and round-the-clock support from our team of investment experts. You also get exclusive access to:

  • Useful advice on how to invest, tips to plan your finances
  • Investing webinars, tutorials, events, and community
  • Our cutting edge research, live market updates, investment ideas
  • Our investment library, research papers, articles
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Don't want a new account?

Let us manage your existing account where it sits. Invest in qplum's data-driven portfolios with your existing Interactive Brokers Account.

  • Your account stays with your broker. No transfer costs. No hassles.
  • Monitor your portfolio live in your qplum dashboard
  • Get transparent performance updates and comparison against benchmarks.
  • Start investing in a day's time!
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Serious Security

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All personally identifiable information we store is encrypted with symmetric key algorithms.

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Trusted Custodians

Your account is with trusted custodians registered with the SEC and FINRA.


Registered as an RIA with the SEC and as a CTA with the NFA.

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Security Policies

Logging of all actions, periodic audits, restricted access