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A.I. Powered Investments. Human Powered Support

With data-science and deep-learning, qplum does all the hard work of identifying the best investment opportunities for you. All this, while keeping your risk-level and best interest at heart.

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Why qplum

Higher Returns

A.I. driven investing with daily rebalancing, global diversification, and tax optimization.#

Downside Protection

Systematic, structural risk management to size up and down risk as market conditions change.

0.50% Flat Fee

No trading charges.
No hidden costs.

Invest in a blend of AI powered portfolios.

Return values are based on the backtested results from Jan 1st, 1995 till date. Average case return is the back-tested return. Good and bad case returns were arrived at by adding and subtracting 0.4*annual standard deviation of the average case return. Read our full disclosure here about back-tested performance and projections.

Manage your money where it sits!

Available with trusted custodians.

Our returns after fees and expenses

You care about returns. That's why we're sharing our realized performance with you. From our end-to-end control of trading to the use of machine learning algorithms, we developed our entire trading system in-house. This is reflected in our stellar performance.

View our realized performance

Meet your client relations team

Our responsive team places your interests first. We're committed to doing what is right for you.

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