Investing can now be a science and not a game

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Data-driven trading strategies, dynamic asset allocation, and disciplined risk management

Our Investment Beliefs

We believe in the mathematics of data-driven decision-making, the science of behavioral economics, and the art of effective communication. These pillars of qplum help us curate strategies that meet your investment goals.

We use quantitative trading techniques and invest using data and machine learning. Our investments are based on time tested ideas such as momentum, trend following, risk parity, volatility and more.

Strategies not Products

We utilize the best practices and processes of institutional investors to manage your wealth. Rather than making one or two great predictions, we expose the portfolio to many growth opportunities. Our portfolios invest in stock, bond, and real estate ETFs. These ETFs are liquid, diversified, and low-cost. See the list of ETFs.

We create a mandate, discover your risk profile, and invest in strategies tailored for your set of needs. Our strategies make sure that you save tax on your investments. We execute with algorithmic trading, which results in higher portfolio returns.

Risk Management

Risk management answers two questions that every investor asks: When do I increase risk and when do I stop everything and exit?

With qplum, you don't have to answer these tough questions on your own. Our risk management engines optimize your risks and protect your portfolio from market crashes. Your crisis plan is in place before you need it!

Technology Brings Discipline

Technology promotes unwavering discipline by removing human error. It helps us accurately automate complex tasks such as diversification, tax efficient allocation, and rebalancing. qplum is part of both the financial and technology industries. Our innovations in finance are consummated by our technological prowess: this is what enables us to stand tall in the FinTech world.

Low, Easy-to-Understand Flat Fees

We believe the purpose of automation is to reduce human efforts in complex tasks, thereby making them cheap and affordable. We also believe fees should be fully transparent, and easy to understand and calculate.

Our comprehensive wealth management services come at an all-inclusive cost of 0.50% of AUM per annum. That is less than 5 dollars a month on every $10,000 invested!

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