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~ $4.17 per month per $10,000*
The fee is the same, no matter what portfolio you choose. You can invest even in a combination of portfolios.
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Smart Portfolios

Invest in one or more AI driven investment portfolios.

Personalized advice

1-to-1 walk through session with a financial advisor.

Tax Loss Harvesting

Lower your tax liability# with our efficient lot matching algorithms.

Risk Management

Protects you from market downturn and seizes opportunities during upswing.

Smart Execution

HFT techniques for trading, resulting in more savings for you.

Wealth management tools

Tools that give insights on how you stack up against current market conditions and more.

Dedicated Customer Support

On mail, phone, and chat

#qplum is not a tax advisor. Please consult with your tax advisor before making any decisions about your tax liabilities.

Advisory Options

Traditional Advisor#
Typical Robo Advisor#
Quant Hedge Fund#
Annual Fees
1% or more
0.25% - 0.75%
2% + 20% of the profit
Planning Sessions with an Advisor
1 or 2
Automated Trading
Smart HFT Execution
Tax Loss Harvesting
Automated Risk Management
Not all hedge funds
Wealth Management Tools
Not all advisors
#The comparisons provided above have been prepared as a guide and they are not intended to be exhaustive. Carefully consider actual alternatives before investing. List of references:
[1] This research report by Pershing compares the limitations of a traditional advisor vs a new age advisor using technology and against robo-advisors.
[2] For the above attributes of a Typical Robo Advisor, we refer to the 1st generation of robo-advisors, or more commonly called robo-advisor 1.0 as highlighted in the Deloitte research report here and in the Thomson Reuters research report here along with our industry research. As evidenced in these reports, with the evolution of the industry, the capabilities of next generation of robo-advisors 2.0 and others are increasing over time.
[3] For fee comparisons, please refer to the reports published here and here.
[4] Fee structure of a typical hedge fund explained here and here.

Fee Calculator

Your Fee Calculator
$ 4.17
(per month)
*As a one time courtesy, qplum will reimburse new clients upto $150 for any brokerage transfer fees incurred. Effective after client account has been opened for one year under qplum’s management. Please see our ADV 2 for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any fees if I want to transfer my account from another broker?

Some brokers might charge you a nominal fee of around $50-$150 for an account transfer. If you are transferring your account from another broker to qplum, we will reimburse your transfer fee, up to $150. We do not charge any transfer fee at our end.


How about all the fund transfers and withdrawals? Do you charge anything?

Instant transfers using ACH to your account is free. For wire transfers, your bank will charge you around $30. But we will reimburse that amount. TL;DR - You have to pay nothing for the transfers.


Some brokers charge a fee for maintaining an IRA account. Do you?

No. We do not charge any additional fee other than the 0.50%.


Are there any extra charges for trading which happens on my account?

None. All you pay is 0.50% of your assets a year.

Ways to Partner

Multi-Asset Strategies

AI driven multi-asset portfolios delivered via model delivery or separately managed accounts

Investment Services

  • Tax optimization strategies
  • Trade execution
  • Dynamic currency hedging
  • Risk management
  • AI Investment Dashboard
  • Digital solutions

Custom Solutions

Design custom investment solutions to best meet objectives. Implemented as a sub-advised manager or model delivery

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* Fees are charged monthly and depend on the market value of the account along with contributions and withdrawals during the billing period. Please refer to our ADV2 Part 2A for more details. Your custodians, brokers and other service providers may charge you additional fees.