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Sample request to get a portfolio

# Get Alpha Portfolio
>>> import json, urllib2
>>> portfolio_type='alpha'
>>> req = urllib2.Request('' %portfolio_type)
>>> req.add_header('Authorization', 'Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_KEY')
>>> r = urllib2.urlopen(req)
>>> print json.loads(

Sample Response

    'portfolio_id': 3100,
    'stats': {
      'ann_std': 13.06,
      'expected_return': 11.05,
      'expected_risk': 13.06,
      'max_yearly_loss': 23.65,
      'ann_turnover': 442.89
    'type': 'alpha',
    'product_allocations': [
        'allocation': 2.55,
        'sector': 'FixedIncome',
        'symbol': 'BIV',
        'display_name': 'Intermediate Term U.S. Govt. Bonds'
        'allocation': 8.11,
        'sector': 'FixedIncome',
        'symbol': 'BLV',
        'display_name': 'Long Term U.S. Bonds'
        'allocation': 0.36,
        'sector': 'FixedIncome',
        'symbol': 'BND',
        'display_name': 'Total U.S. Bonds'
        'allocation': 2.2,
        'sector': 'FixedIncome',
        'symbol': 'BNDX',
        'display_name': 'Total International Bonds'
    'cash_allocation': 0.0

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Fast and easy integration through APIs.


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