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Updated: 24 Oct, 2016

10.39 %

Return on investment on average


Sharpe ratio on average per client

$ 10.9 Million

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Why qplum?

Learning Together

We are a community of 500+ members dedicated to lifting the veil of secrecy that has separated Wall Street from regular investors for far too long. The future is here. It’s your time to benefit from the information and tools used by big banks and high-profile trading firms.

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Machine Learning

While the bulk of advisors continue to use outdated portfolio management methods, we use machine learning methodologies to gain an increasingly precise understanding of global markets. There’s always more to know, and more profit to be made. Our continuously evolving technology provides you with greater levels of service and satisfaction.

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Breaking HFT from within

qplum is the only money manager to use HFT algos on behalf of the investors. That means our clients’ trading costs are actually negative in aggregate. HFT is an Elon Musk type application of machine learning to high density financial data.

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Establishing a relationship

Our job just begins once you invest. We aim to have a long-lasting, meaningful relationship with you. You can count on us to guide you through the process. To provide regular demystification reports. To listen to your concerns and answer your questions. And to celebrate your victories as a team.

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Our returns net of fees

We believe that high returns is not about high risk. On the contrary, to have peace of mind, one needs high returns. We are a machine learning first shop. Every aspect of our trading from feature learning to execution is fully based on machine learning. It shows in our stellar performance.

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Everything we have learned, we have learned together.

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Serious Security


All personally identifiable information we store is encrypted with symmetric key algorithms.

Trusted Custodians

Your account is with trusted custodians registered with the SEC and FINRA.


Registered as an RIA with the SEC and as a CTA with the NFA.

Security Policies

Logging of all actions, periodic audits, restricted access